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What we do!
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China has long been the subject of fascination and wonder for visitors from the west. It is a country steeped in history, culture and tradition. It is also the most populous country on the planet with a thriving global economy. There are many reasons why visitors from all over the world are coming to China. Some come to immerse themselves in the stunning landscape, diverse topography, rich history and ancient culture. Others are drawn to China for the wealth of business opportunities it presents, and to network with some of the great minds of Chinese industry and commerce.

Whatever your reason for coming to China, it’s absolutely essential that you do so with the correct documentation including a valid travel visa and other vital travel documents.

While it’s possible to make a Chinese visa application alone, this is often an arduous process. You need help from people with years of experience working in tandem with Chinese officials. Someone who understands the bureaucracy of Chinese authorities completely. Someone who can give you everything you need to gain entry into this wonderful country without impediment.

You need China Visa Expert!


Benefits of using China Visa Expert!

Managing your application for a visa for China can be a stressful and exhausting experience. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through it every step of the way. Whatever your visa needs we promise to handle them with the very highest standards of professionalism and courtesy.

At China Visa Expert we know the visa application better than anyone and have the experience and expertise to make sure that the process is smooth, seamless and efficient for you.

We understand that dealing with Chinese authorities can be difficult, confusing and stressful especially if you’re unfamiliar with the application process. You need more than just help and guidance, you need outstanding customer service from someone who understands what the process is like from the perspective that really matters… Yours!

That’s why we work tirelessly to give our customers the very best level of service in all aspects of our visa services including…

Mistakes, omissions and lack of relevant documentation can all slow down the visa application process and make it a lot more stressful especially when you have a looming flight date set. That’s why we work hard to make the process easy for you by assigning you a professional advisor who can consult on your visa needs, advise on the correct forms and ensure that you provide the right documents.
Your advisor can then forward these on to the embassy and get your application approved quickly and efficiently.

While a visa application is a fairly uniform process, we understand that every visa application is as unique as the applicant themselves. We appreciate the importance of individual one-on-one assistance when making a China visa application. That’s why we offer personalised assistance for all applicants aged 14-69 who can guide you through the potential pitfalls of the application process.

They can not only ensure that your application is free of mistakes, they can also ensure that the photo you provide meets the exacting standards of Chinese authorities and that you have the present and correct documents.

Benefits of  China Visa Expert?

With years of experience processing thousands of applications we have the expertise you need to ensure a swift and stress-free visa application. We’re also;

We understand just how precious your time is and won’t waste a second of it on the application process. As soon as we receive the completed application form and relevant documents, we can begin the visa acquisition procedure and send your newly minted visa direct to your door.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of happy customers with their visa applications efficiently and expediently. We think our outstanding customer service record speaks for itself.

 We believe that’s outstanding quality of service shouldn’t come with a heavy price tag. That’s why we endeavour to make sure that our prices are always reasonable to suit any budget.

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In order to get a visa for China you have to submit the application at the visa office (Edinnburgh, Manchester or London). General documents for each China Visa Application are passport, one passport photo and application form plus the relevant document  (s) for purpose of visit to China

Some people may find it very easy to apply for a Visa to China but some people do struggle. Each individual are different

If you do get refused the charges are non refundable as the embassy do still charge.