China Visa Types
Below are the different types of China Visas we are offering to our customers. Once you have chose the type of visa you want to acquire, proceed with our visa application form along with all the pivotal documents attached.

1. China Business Visa
China business visa is also referred as M visa. This visa is basically issued to those people who are invited to china for commerce and trade activities.

2. China Family Visa
This visa is also known as Q1/Q2 visa and issued only to those individuals who have the relatives with permanent residence in China. Foreigners who are intend to visit their relatives for the long term or who are intend to visit China for the foster care to take care of spouses, parents are granted with family visa.

3. China Visitor Visa
China visitor visa is issued to those individuals who want to visit china for the traveling purpose.

4. China Work Visa
This visa is strictly issued for employment and commercial purpose. Issues only to chose who are invited by Chinese organization for the job and commercial purpose.

As in keeping with Chinese rules and guidelines, and in response to the standard of correspondence, as of 1st November 2018, all the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in London, Manchester and Edinburgh (hereinafter alluded to as ‘Visa Application Centers’) will take fingerprints of all visa candidates within the passion of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates within the UK.

Please observe that fingerprints don’t seem to be required for:

Kids under 14 years of age and grown-ups than 70 years of age;
Applicants who have fingers mutilation or for whom the fingerprints can’t be amassed for various causes.
* China guests whose fingerprints don’t fit could be denied entry to the country and might result in other consequences.
—All applicants are requested to consult with our office before 10:30 am from Monday to Friday because the fingerprints are required to be amassed face to face at all the Visa Application Centers. We will continue with the opposite VISA formalities at the same day. —-

—Applicants willing to apply for the VISA via our postal services, once the paperwork are verified we will be able to organize and tell you the time when the finger prints can also be amassed in our office, you can consult with us as in keeping with the appointment shared.—-

—We request each applicant to make an appointment to our office as soon as possible prior to the travel date to avoid any hassles. —-

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