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Get Chinese Visa to visit the imperial crown on China free trade port || Free destination in Haikou city

Although China is becoming a 12 th free trade zone, the tropical island of Hainan approximately spread 35,000 square kilometers is one stop destination in Haikou city further establish as a free trade port in the world. It is contemporary of worlds most elegant and developed areas like the United Arab Emirates,
Singapore in Asia, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Undoubtedly, Haikou city is China’s largest free trade port capital. It has a major contribution to promote international tourists being as the main engine of cultural and economic growth as it embarks a pioneer post to accomplish Hainan’s goal. Their exertions ascertaining make it forefront in future as well as make it as pride city of China. Hainan province added high exultation among peoples across the globe due to its advancing economic globalization, best ecological environment, its variant geography turn itself Haikou city as a global tourism hotspot. It’s a rival city to Portsmouth in England, Haikou serves China’s most fabulous coastal city and tropical with many faces.

Haikou is reconnoitering new ways to keep its visitors and residents poignant in numerous emerging sectors, including free shopping landmarks, sports, cruise industry, horse racing, leisure and other to reaching new routes of hotel accommodation, exhibitions, conferences and tailor thru travel.

Free Visa access to China’s resort island Hainan

Most of the regions and urban countries across the globe are among only 59 counties granted free visa accessibility to China’s biggest resort island Hainan, according to state Immigration Authority of China stay valid up to 30 days. An additional benefit of tourist of these 59 countries visits Haikou or Hainan on a free visa for 30 days they may enjoy the trip by seeking the help of local travel agents who can book a tour. After spending currency of at least 800 yuan in Haikou, foreign tourists would get 11% sales tax refunds. Expectantly, large-scale population of tourists visiting Haikou city, rapidly been escalated. Nowadays, couples are looking for destination engagement far from big cities top new modern villages, with beach lined sun umbrellas. With the stunning city, Haikou mesmerizes business people and global travelers across the world. Yet not only has some preplanned wedding proposals, fabulous romantic elopements entice but also couples come there liked hike, savory palate of hot cooked food, relaxation. It’s become an ideal destination for foreign and local tourists who come on China visa to attend meetings, crucial conferences or for vacations too. In last year government report states that Haikou city is a key indicator of economic development and internationalization in the city.

Misha River is a picturesque, landmark of Haikou province city brings an outstanding choice for your perfect vacation in tropical pleasure perhaps you will enjoy flourishing China and its opening up. So, its good opportunity makes ready your Chinese visa essential documents along with your recent taken
color photograph. Get complete verifications and take necessary details.

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