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Essential things you must know before enrolling in Educational tours & School trips for China

China is a land of rich diversity, beautiful landscapes, and exotic opportunities. As got zenith in terms of economic development, still, China is fascinating students to pursue higher education. Numerous students coming from Asia, USA and other parts of Europe to get a comprehensive education in abroad. Apart from excellence learning, improving your career prospects you will immensely peep in Chinese culture that may certainly scoop out your intellectual horizon.

To take lateral entry in China applicants have to fill out Application form Online and need authority from immigration officials. Other pivotal documents are needed like as passport, visa, and other crucial documents.

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How to Apply for Student Visa, Visa Categories, What are Visa procedures and Validity?

If any person wants to study from China flounders with Visa issues, Chinese Visa Manchester ensures quality and guaranteed Visa services. Chinese Visa Application ensures smooth & hassle free applications for anyone desire to travel to China or resident of UK needs to travel for some business or tour purpose.  Applicants know how just to select the Chinese visa type they desire to apply for or carefully read the provided instructions through, prepare and mail all the required documents in one of our global offices as per instructed.

Recently in some years, there is a rapid increase in demand for China Visa. Center is a prime authority liable for handling applications for following categories of Visa: Crew Visa(C visa), Work Visa (Z visa), Student visa(X visa), Business Visa (F Visa) and so on. Chinese Visa centre hasn’t any involvement in decision-making process and assessment of Visa. Irrespective on visa issuing, and its type as well as its validity period. Duration of stay and number of entry shall be decided by Chinese consulate general.

Student Visa Categories to China

In China student Visa are known as X visa, only be issued to foreigners comes China only for study purpose like advanced study, enrolled in fieldwork. Although student visa is subdivided into two categories X1 and X2.

  • X1 Visa: X1 is issued to only those applicants who visit China for long-term study greater than 180 days. This visa is usually be issued for multiple entry and period of visa validity is up to 5 years. X1 Visa applicant requisite to register within 30 days of arrival at local public security bureau. In order to replace the X1 Visa whereas Chinese Residence permit might be issued.
  • X2 Visa: X2 visa is issued to those immigrants who come to China for the purpose of study with a period of fewer than 180 days or 6 months. X2 visa is admitted to issued only for single entry along with a validity period of approx. not more than 6 months. However, in order to apply for Student visa in China, candidate have completed their application form according to the detail requirements which we mention below:-

Chinese Visa Application necessary Instructions:

  1. Submit actual passport with a photocopy of name page.
  2. It is mandatory to fill all the section of the application form, print a hard copy with your signature.
  3. One recent photograph passport size display full face, off-white background 33*48mm taken within 6 months, poor quality photographs are liable to be rejected.
  4. Send an authentic JW201 OR JW202 in good quality issued by the state education ministry of China.
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