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China Visa Travel Insurance Policy:What kinds of health hazards prone while travelling in China

Procurement of Chinese Visa to travel China is the cumbersome procedure if you are resident of US or UK. Based on your location in the US or UK, you may apply to that particular office in person. Understanding this fact, Chinese consulate obviously encouraging the use of Visa service providers.

What health conditions activities and circumstances covered in travel insurance policy?

When you are flying for China trip, you have several questions wreck in your brain related to your health, travel insurance & so on? Actually while taking out these travel insurance comprehensively including with, medical evacuation these travel insurance policy deals with entire coverage of overseas medical costs.

***Please note: –

If you can’t afford your travel insurance UK government doesn’t allow you for travel Visa. Although the UK government couldn’t pay citizens to travel expenses as it is too expensive.

Health Risks

  • If you are in existing medical conditions then it is far better to concern your mental as well as

physical health before travelling.

  • Before you travel get vaccinated with a doctor.
  • See your travel clinic or doctor for a preliminary health check-up, at least 8 weeks before you leave and to discuss your health implications or travel plans.
  • Depending on your locations, tap water in China is unsafe to drink. Only drink mineral water or water bottle with intact seals.
  • Not all prescriptions or medications are available in the UK may be available in other countries. To remain in good health you have to take prescribed medicines along with you. Take a prescription letter of a doctor stating which medicines used in what amount & it’s for personal use only. Check if your medication is legal in that country which you are travelling.

Infected disease

  1. Rabies: – Health reports of China states the rapid amount of human rabies, as well as animal rabies cases, deploy annually in China. Be careful wile come in contact with both domestic and wild animals in China.
  2. HIV/AIDS: – HIV /AIDS is a fatal disease suffered by the whole world. If you are travelling to China then it may be significant risks to expose to infections. If you are in a particular region of China then it might be a request to practice only sterilized equipment. You may be quick prone to exposes unsafe products and blood so take appropriate precautions.
  3. Mosquito-borne illness: -Risk of mosquito-borne illness increases in duration of warm weather. Encephalitis B is endemic in quite rural areas of China in the month of June to August. In these months risks of Malaria is intensified in cities like Guangdong, Yunnan, Fujian, Guizot, Sichuan, Tibet, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shandong, and Zambo valley areas. To reduce the risk of malaria inject medicines of vaccination by consulting a doctor these may reduce the risk of dengue, malaria and other mosquitoes prone disease during the wet season.

In case of natural disasters like earthquake, cyclones, Tsunami, typhoons you may follow the advice of Local authorities.

You can seek help also by below-given Phone no if you are trapped in some bad situation: Emergency Phone No

  1. Firefighting: 119
  2. Ambulance: 120
  3. Police: 110
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