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China Visa Tourism Services

China has very rich biodiversity in terms of population density, ethnicity, languages, geography and so lots of features formulated have been made it successive. China is the located in the east of Asia continent & 3rd largest country in the world. The Chinese mainland is flanked with large Sea Islands, territorial water though it emerges as excellent dockyards and harbour.

Do you want to observe these mesmerizing beauty and assimilate your senses?

If you are a true wanderer of beauty then you must personally visit these geographical locations of  China. For visiting you must become the holder of passport and Visa services. There may be various categories of Visa issued depend on your major aim to visit China, so you must be aware which are the most appropriate category for visa application.

Here is an easiest and fastest procedure to get confirm your tourist or business visa to China!!! We are among the best Chinese Visa Embassy with a well-known team of experienced Chinese Visa expert guide in each and area of visa applications with suitable legal status. Follow our straightforward process and get your Chinese visa in your hand in just 10 working days.

You have to go through further application until or unless you fulfil certain visa exemptions:-

  • According to a list of the bilateral agreement on Visa exemption between foreign countries and China thus the citizen of countries holding appropriate Visa may allow entering China.
  • Countries having a diplomatic relationship with China or foreigners holding ordinary passports participating in any group of tours needn’t apply for Visa.
  • Foreigners have confirmed tickets on international flights would directly transit through China and stay not more than 24 hours within airport boundaries don’t need to apply for a transit China visa. However, somebody keen to go beyond airport boundaries temporarily ought to obtain consent from respective immigration authorities at the airport.
  • Foreigner holding business travel card or permanent residence card may permit to take lateral entry in China without any Visa.

If you want any kind of Visa services for China for the purpose of pursuing higher education, work, employment, tourism, Business meetings, visiting family, marriage than our Chinese embassy in London will make your entry in China easy, due to our fast visa processing services you have to no longer overcome these time consuming and painstaking procedures.

We would save your time. Although, we deliver several categories of Chinese Visa services such as Tourist visas, Business visa, Work Visa, special visas and many more. You have to fill some details along with copies of your necessary documents along with your recent photograph. We are a dedicated team which evaluates carefully your application forms before it being submitted to the respective Chinese embassies. To know more information about our working process and our working Visa providing details you have to contact our officials or you can simply ask your queries by directly mailing us.

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