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Business Meeting China: Read complete details Chinese Business Visa Applications requirements, Visa Validity, and Processing Fees

Planning a short excursion during your time off with a Chinese business visa? While on weekends it’s a superb itinerary to wander around most bustling cities in China and took a glance. Visitor’s requisite to obtain a Chines Visa in advance. Based on the traveling purpose, you should select your visa type.

Comprehensively there are 8 major visa types:-

  • Business Visa (M)
  • Working Visa (Z)
  • Student Visa (X)
  • Private Visa (S)
  • No commerce (F)
  • Family Reunion Visa (Q)
  • Crew visa(C)
  • Tourist (L)

Chinese Business (M) Visa

Trade Visa or Chinese business Visa (M) is issued to those applicants who intended to go to China for commercial and trade activities. Such as negotiating with clients, attending trade fairs, signing contracts, visiting factories, and clients on behalf of US business. Usually, M Visa is issued either for single, double or multiple entries. M Visa is constrained to issue up to 10 years. Implicitly, in most of the cases, the validity period of Chinese M Visa is 3 months dependently on personal situations of applicants either it may be to longs like years or either be lasting to only a 30 days. For citizens of Canada, Argentina, and the US, China business visa even maybe for 10 years.

Chinese Business (F) Visa

Many foreigners getting confused with Chinese (M) business visa and F visa. Although is- F, in 2013 it is detached into M and F visa types.  Although F visa is issued to those applicants who are invited to China for purpose of non-commercial business activities, culture exchanges, internship, short-term advanced studies, investigation, visit and so on.

Chinese Business Visa Documents Requirements for UK Citizens

You may submit following documents while applying for Chinese business (M) /(F) Visa:-

  1. A legal passport and a replica of its information page. Your valid passport comprises with more than one blank visa pages and should possess remaining validity of at least 6 months.
  2. Recently taken color photographs of (2*2 square inch) stapled or glued in the application form that is thoroughly handwritten.
  3. Those applicants whose nationality is China applying first time for a visa will produce their original Chinese passport, an application form write up their original Chinese name and submit a photocopy of information page too.
  4. If you are applying for some foreign nation then you should render a proof of residence or legal stay.
  5. According to M visa business rule applicants may have to produce business visa invitation letter required one of the following:
  • Confirmation letter or an invitation letter issued by duly sanctioned Chinese institutes.
  • An invitation letter issued by a trade partner or Chinese business.
  • Invitation letter of a trade fair.
  1. China business invitation letter cover the following:-
  2. Information about visit purpose, intended business visit, departure and arrival date, a place to be visit etc.
  3. Applicants give entire details like his full name, passport number, DOB etc.
  4. Inviters complete information details.

Visa Processing Time and Fee

You can submit your M visa to the consular office of Chinese embassies. For processing visa, frequently it takes 4 working days. However, rush services and express service are also available if you require same day collection then you should pay extra 30 USD.

Contrastingly Chinese business visa fee is tantamount as a tourist visa. Depending on a number of applicants and entries it makes difference.

Business Visa types Canada Citizen UK Citizen US citizens Australian
Single Entry 142 CAD 151 GBP 140 USD 109.5 AUD
Double Entry 142 CAD 151 GBP 140 USD 109.5 AUD
Entry for 6 months 142 CAD 151 GBP 140 USD 109.5 AUD
Multiple entries 12 or longer 142 CAD 151 GBP 140 USD 109.5 AUD

***This table is only for reference****

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