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How to apply for China Family Visa- A complete Tourist guide to travel China?

Most of the visitors planning a family visit, or travel China to explore the scintillating diversity of various parts, richness of Chinese culture. So, if you are travelling in an organized group of the family tour in China then you must have an invitation letter from foreign travel agency along with you. So, if you are trapped in any situation than simply you may supply details of your foreign agency before your trip though you have no further concerns.

We are a registered trademark UK based agency provide online visa services, travel document & passport solutions. We have diverse and committed employees capable to wreck bureaucratic hindrance imposed on tourist.

Although, we deliver several categories of Chinese Visa applications such as Tourist visas, Business visa, Work Visa, special visas and many more. You have to fill some details along with copies of your necessary documents along with your recent photograph.

We collect fees of Chinese visa, whether it could be normal, rush service or express in accordance with the necessities of an Embassy or Chinese Consulate General, on behalf of, deliver the visa and passport to the respective applicants.

Rules and Regulations imposed on Visa issuing

Rules and regulations of an International system of issuing visa modified accordingly with time. However, regulations include certain factors like your nationality, whether you were previously a resident of China or not, either you have a family or relatives staying in China, issuing office has some discretion to implement these rules.

Foreigners allotted permits to pass through China are discharged from passport or Visa necessities facilitated while staying in the transit area of the airport, not more than 24 hours. Although the temporary residence permit should be obtained only by staying inside China.

The basic requirement for a visa is as follows:-

  • Non-residential proof of local address (bank statements, utility bill) please not that one bill ought to be recent, and the other has two years old. This can also be from the suppliers.
  • Passport is still valid for at least 12 months.
  • Two recent 50×50 mm size colour photographs.
  • Your Tourist Visa application form must be completed and signed.
  • Declaration form
  • Submission Authorization letter

Visa Duration Permit by China for other Countries

The government of China issued certain directions more rigorously against applicants from certain nations or when some special occasion occurs like the Olympic Games. Visa can be issued for a certain time period. Later start dates or immediate whereas allowing multiple entries. Any exit from Hong Kong to Macau, you may require a valid entry. Otherwise, you required to apply for a new visa at the consulate before entry is permitted.

Nationality creates a differences

Rules vary accordingly, depends on the nationality of your passport thus we are UK based private agency will guide you in each and every step so still if you are bewildered then contact our experts. Unlike any other countries, China has strict rules and regulations regarding to their foreign policies for travelling nations indulging in terrorism, high incidence of crime, currently have strained diplomatic relations hence applicants of certain countries are restricted to take lateral entry in China.

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